Computer Awareness :90 days Sure Success Study Plan For IBPS

Computer section is one of the obviously scoring and therefore crucial sections in a banking exam paper. One must know the basics and the required content of computers to crack the exam successfully. One can easily score good marks in the computer section with good practice.
The computer related questions are not very complicated. They are usually basic terms, abbreviations or questions on the functional aspects of a computer.When it comes to a specialist officer or an IT officer, having higher computer knowledge is imperative. You can expect any type of computer questions in these cases.Tips to Prepare Computer Knowledge-
Computer aptitude and Computer awareness are most of time part of Competition examination. It is the easiest subject which helps to candidates in score better. And those candidates want to get good marks they must read the best tips to prepare Computer Syllabus Thus, read it for finding the best tricks and tips for Computer Knowledge.
Start With fundamentals: Fundamentals will help you in resolving the complex problem, so you must read the fundamental elements of the computer before the examination.
Understand Logic: Those candidates understand the logics they never forget the answer to a question, so we suggested that you should understand the logic.
Keep Yourself Updated: Lots of technologies developed in this field and students required to keep an eye on updates. Many components or machines are launches daily so must have knowledge about technologies.
Practice: Candidates may not base on the theoretical knowledge because a computer wants to practice and practice gives you the more knowledge.Cover every topic: You have to try cover maximum topics as much as you can because it can help you in the examination.
The material of Study: Candidates should have necessary study material, and candidates must download the previous year paper because it gives you profit at a time of examination.
Candidates who are finding the important topics for Computer Awareness they must read the prescribed topics before an examination.
Topics asked in computer sections of PO and Clerk exam
Here is a summary of the topics on needs to prepare for cracking the computer section:

  • Computer basics: 

You should firstly be thorough with the basics of computers. Know the basic parts, uses, and applications of a computer, components of a computer, etc. also know the history of computers as which was the first computer, the programming languages used, etc. 

  • Antivirus: 

An Antivirus is an application used to protect the computer from virus, automated scripts, and bugs and enable keeping the computer in a normal working condition. Learn the different types of antiviruses and how they keep your computer safe. 

  • Binary number system: 

You should know all the conversion rules of the binary system.

  • Internet: 

Learn the email basics, uses of email, basic email etiquettes one should have, the internet, the role of HTTP, FTP, protocols, etc.

  • Database: 

It is an important tool to handles files and information in the computer. You should know the entire information about the database, the transaction associated, commands to access, etc.

  • Founders: 

You should be well versed with the names of the founders of every tool related to computer. These include the founder of the computer, applications, programming languages, emails, browsers, USB, mouse, keyboard, networking and the entire operating system. 

  • Firewalls: 

The network security system used to monitor, protect and avoid the usage of the network from unauthorized users is known as firewalls. By some specific rules, it also monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic. Firewalls protect your hardware as well as your computer network. One should be ready to answer questions related to firewalls. 
Other computer awareness topics are generations of computers, hardware, networks, office tools, shortcuts, software, and security. 
Make sure you have a look at all these topics mentioned for your computer awareness section in the banking exam.
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Final word
Preparing for computer awareness is not too difficult if you inculcate a practical as well as theoretical interest in computers. Computers being a daily part of our lives are a must to be known and every person using computers should the basics of computers.

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